Our Sister Company DELV.

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Our Sister Company DELV.

We’ve been in the crypto mining industry since 2016, and over the years, we’ve noticed a troubling trend: Bitcoin Miners who invest in high quality hardware from reputable sellers only to power it all with cheap, inefficient, and often unsafe infrastructure. That’s why we launched our sister company DELV in 2021–to create the safest and highest quality mining infrastructure on the market. DELV indoor and outdoor solutions are fully UL listed and made in an ISO-certified, state-of-the-art facility in Utah. The modular and fully customizable design, coupled with its patented turnkey system, makes it stand out in the industry.

One of the significant challenges Miners face is the sourcing of raw materials from around the world and piecing together the components to fabricate their mining infrastructure. This process is not only cost-prohibitive but can also pose safety risks, especially when dealing with electrical equipment. We’ve resolved this issue by bringing a turnkey, UL-Listed mining container to the market with DELV, eliminating the need to build one from scratch or source a lower quality option that doesn’t prioritize safety as much as ours does. The fully integrated racking system used in our container solution is also available for deployment indoors in a variety of heights and configurations. 

By sourcing materials in large quantities and working with an experienced manufacturing partner, we experience more stability in the market than an individual or less established companies trying to piecemeal these goods together from around the world on their own. DELV has an exclusive manufacturing relationship with Quality Electrical Systems, the owners of a 20 acre, 350,000 square foot facility in Utah. QES built over a gigawatt of gear in 2020, and they’ve worked on data centers for Blue Cross, Visa, Ebay, and others over the years. The combined expertise that the QES and Cryptech teams bring to the table has made DELV an exception in the mining infrastructure marketplace.

DELV’s fully integrated turnkey system provides a significant value proposition to miners, as it is designed to eliminate the logistical challenges that come with sourcing materials and assembling mining containers. The patented mining infrastructure design includes power cables, PDUs, cabling, breakers, panel boards, and a main disconnect, all assembled in the fully UL-Listed QES shop. This means that by the time Miners receive their infrastructure, it’s ready to be anchored and connected to a transformer, thereby reducing the turnaround time for setting up operations.

Today, DELV is at the forefront of the industry, offering personal customization to any indoor or outdoor racking solution, even if it means building custom switchgear. If you’re looking for a better mining infrastructure solution than what you’ve previously seen in the industry, reach out to our team at DELV, and we’ll help you pave the way.

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