Relationship-based, Solution-focused

At Cryptech, we don't just sell Bitcoin mining hardware - we build relationships based on mutual success. We leverage our longstanding partnerships and access to exclusive deals to empower crypto Miners around the world. With our commitment to integrity, our dedicated team of professionals, and our clear communication, Cryptech is the trusted choice for all your crypto mining solutions.

Why Cryptech?


We’ve been forging and maintaining partnerships in the crypto mining industry since 2016, granting us access to exclusive opportunities and pricing that we’re happy to pass onto our clients.


Our level of integrity sets us apart–we’re always transparent and honest, even if it means recommending a solution for you that does not result in a sale for us.


Experience the Cryptech difference with our team’s dedication to service and expertise. Watch your mining operation thrive as we work together to achieve mutual success.


We’re the top choice for ASIC miners in North America, with competitive prices and a wide range of options. Live pricing, prompt replies, and exclusive deals are just the beginning–experience a hardware acquisition process unlike anything you’ve seen before, thanks to our devoted team of professionals.


Cryptech offers consulting services for Bitcoin Miners, providing industry expertise and recommendations on data center design, power contracts, and electrical infrastructure. Our team has extensive experience in the crypto mining industry, and we’re here to help you make the best decisions for your operation. Whether you’re a new Miner looking for guidance, or an experienced professional seeking expert advice, we can help you succeed.

Power & Hosting

If you’re looking for low-cost power contracts, including renewable energy sources, Cryptech is here to help. Our team of experts specializes in sourcing long-term Power Purchase Agreements and can assist you in finding the most competitive options on the market. By working with us, you can reduce your energy costs and support the transition to clean and sustainable energy sources. Let us help you find the best power contract for your needs and budget.


Over the years, we’ve noticed a troubling trend of Bitcoin Miners sacrificing safety and quality in order to cut costs on electrical infrastructure, which is why we launched DELV in 2021. Our UL-Listed indoor racking and mobile data centers are thoughtfully engineered and manufactured at a state-of-the-art facility in the U.S., ensuring the highest quality solutions on the market for our clients and partners. DELV's patented, turnkey design is fully integrated and customizable.