Elevating the standards for crypto mining infrastructure

Your Bitcoin miners deserve better than a shipping container. When you partner with DELV, our team of professionals will design, engineer and manufacture a custom, turnkey mining solution just for you. You can now have confidence in your mining infrastructure–DELV products arrive UL-Listed from our state-of-the-art, ISO-certified facility in Utah, with all the necessary electrical components fully integrated.

DELV crypto mining infrastructure

Our Latest Venture: Meet DELV

Whether you’ve acquired Bitcoin mining hardware through Cryptech or not, your ASIC miners are valuable, highly specialized equipment which require complex electrical infrastructure to run safely and smoothly. Having facilitated the hardware acquisition process for more than 100,000 ASICs over the years, we’ve noticed a troubling trend of Bitcoin Miners making compromises to cut costs on their infrastructure. That’s why we launched DELV in 2021–to redefine the standards of safety and quality for the entire mining industry.

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We’ll help you secure the ideal electrical infrastructure and components for your project, whether we manufacture it ourselves or source it for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

DELV products are designed, engineered and manufactured in a 350,000 square foot, highly-certified facility in Utah.

DELV solutions have a 508A UL Listing.

Global supply chain issues have made sourcing raw materials more difficult, bringing our current lead time to roughly sixteen weeks, depending on the solution.
Current capacity allows us to manufacture 20MW per month, with the ability to scale based on client demands.